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We leverage mobile digital technologies offline and online for businesses. Now you can get a great looking website to showcase your business. We have hosted websites since 2008. Speedi Mobile Website got it's start in 2012. Mobile friendly website design. When reliability matters.

Our Company Strategy

We build dynamic websites. When it comes to website design and our marketing services we sync it all together and everything is done for you. The success of your website includes many different factors such as the content, navigation, loading time, visual appearance, and local or organic search engine optimization. We boast years of experience with our web development team.

If you don’t have a profound website, users will skip your website and look elsewhere. Now in the day and age of mobile, you must serve your customers a mobile friendly website. We strive to provide excellent quality after all, it is your investment and we want you to have a cliche website. It’s one way to show others you are open for business. We like to over deliver, that is our motto.

Website Design Services

We don't waste time - we get started on the work right away!

Responsive Design

Websites for today's technology

Touch Less No Contact

Bot marketing for touchless digital marketing

No Contact Deals

Support bot help and resource

Online Ordering Systems

Take out or delivery food ordering systems for restaurants and more!

Delivery Systems

Online ordering software platforms

WiFi Marketing

We turn guest WiFi into social media marketing and more

WiFi Hotspots

Marketing on steroids

Mobile Apps

Flexible apps for mobile marketing and mobile shopping

Custom Apps

Your own custom app

Email Inboxing

Email marketing campaigns and point of sale integration

Email Marketing

Email image templates

Custom Text

Phone services for texting and toll free phone number

Two Way Text

Local phone number

Facebook Post

Marketing messenger ads and social media posting for fanpages

Facebook Ads

Media marketing

Rep Man

Reputation management for your business and review monitor

Get Reviews

Collect reviews

Beacon Tech

Beacon technologies for in store sales and more mobile shopping

Near Location

Location services

SMS Marketing

Full featured SMS gateway provided by speedi mobile website

Text Marketing

Text blasts

Mobile Website

Mobile development go mobi by speedi mobile website

Mobi Website

Optimized mobi website

Our Mission

Nothing will make your site stand out than a custom made website. It is our mission to make your website achieve that pro look and wow factor.

Right Away

Not only do we provide a great user experience. We deliver the project on time. We get the work done and we do not let tight schedules get in the way.

What We Do

Our expert team will work with you to create a high quality, easy to manage website that accurately reflects your brand. Let’s get you started right away.

Web Design and Marketing Services

State Of Art Marketing Software

Responsive Web Design

Back in the day, desktop websites were the only thing we could build websites with. The internet has done a shift that now supports ability to stretch across all screens with responsive web design. This technology was coded into websites to support the mobile traffic that has grown at an alarming rate with the introduction of smartphones and tablets.

Start with laying out a drawing called a grid. Our web design team can help you with that. We will provide you some samples before building out the whole site and you may have some revisions to be made. The final project has to to your liking and tailored to your business. We supply hosting and ongoing maintenance for your website.

We use high resolution graphics with most projects or we also use the flat design. It depends what the website is for app lander page would most likely use a flat design.

speedi mobile website web design agency
web design food ordering

Online Food Ordering

We like to keep it simple for restaurant owners to build an online food ordering menu. We offer a free trial to go in and test drive the system. We have a script that you can place on your website. We now have apps to manage orders at your location or what we like to call point of sale.

Go in and checkout the integrations, we do not want you to miss these valuable bonuses we have. We have available three plans. The starter plan has this facebook app that you can to your fanpage. With the catering menu you get two menus the basic and the catering. The most robust one has mobile apps that we publish to the app stores for you.

It also has a kiosk menu you can use in your restaurant. Kiosks are very popular with some restaurants and we make them available for free to download with your brand, if you decide to purchase the apps plan.

Professional Development Websites

We worked hard to find high professional development websites. We use high quality images and provide high quality content for your website. Before we publish your website live, we go to work and optimize the site for speed. A fast loading website is now an important search engine ranking factor. The slower the page load the higher the bounce rate. Our local agency also looks at factors that will keep the customer on your website longer, if they cannot find what they are looking for they will leave in under 8 seconds. If you have many scripts on a web page that can slow down your site.

Once we publish the website we now put our efforts into getting your website found in local search. We like to work on local search engine optimization first. The next important object is to have a padlock show up in the browser, that lets customers know you have a SSL certificate installed on your website. If you do not know how to do this, we can install one for you. It is a factor to consider in building a website to let viewers know your website is secure. When you input information into forms you want your website to have an SSL certificate installed to encrypt information being sent.

Speedi Mobile Website has many web site designing. Contemporary business owners know the ability of a website that would draw web traffic. The conversion rates that translate to the bottom line of the company are increased by traffic. Choosing the website designing company scope enables web companies to enjoy numerous web site design services which may boost picture, business branding, sales, and bottom line. A specialist web site has the resources and tools including site designers. The aim of Speedi mobile website design firm is to gain an edge over the business competitors like software and website designs through alternatives and contemporary marketing means.

Speedi mobile website designing company can offer the best of web sites using Web 2.0 or WordPress platform based upon the taste of their customer companies or the precise business requirements. In spite of the platform is necessary to lure web users to visit the website. A well- structured website with an easy-to-navigate screen and good layout will make web consumers more willing to take a look at the website for further information.

It’s quite common for speedi mobile website to provide content writing and presentation services besides generating a superb or attractive web business website for your client company. Original and fresh content on the web site is vital to keep web consumers come back for more. Professional web site design speedi mobile website provides many internet services in a package deal. There are a plethora of web site packages which include designing and creating the web site with article generation and submission in addition to link building and social media marketing. A small or new business startup might require the basic web site design package with the minimal of internet search engine optimization attributes while medium to large businesses would want a host of advanced Search engine optimization features to stay ahead of their competitors.

Responsive design websites is a must have and can no longer be ignored. Our team will craft you a beautiful website to wow your viewers the moment they land on your website. Our website and hosting support is second to none. We have over 10 years of experience in the online website hosting business. Speedi mobile website agency is your go to source for mobile marketing and web design. We are looking for business in the local space national or international markets. Agents are available 24/7.

Mobile Marketing Technologies

The mobile age goes beyond marketing. One of the ways they are using mobile technologies is for beacon placements to control inventory. Discover the efficiency of beacon technology used for smart buildings. They now provide services for the healthcare industry too. We recommend them for beacon technology and buying beacons. We use beacons from them for our proximity marketing.

Another excellent company to buy beacons from is Estimote. Estimote is the developers white glove service and the beacons work quite well for proximity marketing. Once again, we don’t offer what we do not use or have not tried.

An excellent way to market is to use messenger marketing. We offer this as a service. It is very lucrative as smart marketers know that many roads are open when it comes to messenger bots. This is a service you must put in your marketing arsenal. We recommend this since we tie it into our web design services. It is also available as add on service for our online food ordering platform. We like to use stripe and paypal for payment processing.

Our messenger service is also available for our web design services. We combine marketing tools like email marketing and paid ads. Messenger marketing done right with auto pilot system while you rack in the profits. We use an elite technology for this.

Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications is a handy marketing tool that you can have installed on your website. We recommend this type of service for web design. Web push notifications are used by the top five companies. It gets the attention of desktop users and when they subscribe you can engage with them and send out timely offers. Having a website is one thing but better when you can leverage notifications on your website.This is effective marketing because users can subscribe right from within your website without sending them off somewhere else.

You will want to send out compelling offers or your subscribers may become uninterested and opt-out. We have a management and maintenance plan for this. We have been testing web push notifications on our desktop for years and it has always worked. Web push notifications are sent out through the chrome browser.

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