Now You Can Have Your Own Custom App!

The app is a 6 page mobile friendly website. It will allow you to edit and change the content easily and quickly, what that means is, if you want to run a deal or sale you can update your app, click save and your done. The app also provides 3 spots that you can link out to, such as social media, website or online store. The built in editor provides endless possibilities such as embedding videos and so much more. The app can be used for business, personal use, hobbies or just for friends. Plus you can get your app listed in our partner search engine. Overall the app is simple to use and is designed for non techies.

Distribute Your App at Point of Sale

Fast Loading and Lightweight

Must Have App For Business and Community

High Quality App Very Low Priced

Mobile Friendly Website Build in 1 Day

Social Media Integration

Canada & USA Text Marketing

Worldwide Push Notifications

You Do Not Have To Recruit

Online Food Ordering Bonus

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