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Contest Kiosks – Digital Coupons – Coupon Directories

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Proximity Marketing & Beacons

WiFi Marketing Integration

Now you can use online to offline marketing with our community beacon

In Todays Marketplace You Need To Catch a Millennial


Millennial’s Want To Text NOT Talk. Millennial’s Are In Debt & Want Deals. Millennial’s Are Wanting Engaging Experiences.

Digital Coupons, SMS Deals & Contests are a  good way for your brand to reach millennial’s. Millennial’s are also 47% more likely to share their information in return for incentives or rewards.

Interactive Kiosk deployment expected to increase 3X in 2019. Over 31 Billion Digital Coupons will be delivered in 2019. Over 5 Billion mobile phones using SMS and growing more.

Our Marketing Suite is designed to engage everyone. Built in reputation management system. State of art Kiosk system. Millennial’s are officially the largest group of consumers. Why text-to-win works in retail… It’s convenient. Shoppers can enter a text-to-win while in the store.

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Beacon Technology

Our beacons have a range up to 150 or 400 feet. Beacons are more accurate than NFC. Broadcast your message at the right time not after they have left your store.

Nearby Notification

We will show you how to present a nearby notification to a potential customers device. It can be from a beacon or by outdoor NFC. It will have a web link in the message.

Bluetooth Technology

All you need is data with Bluetooth and location turned on. A seem-less experience is transforming the way consumers shop. Notifications are silent on a smartphone.

Marketing Services

Loyalty rewards and coupons. SMS marketing and email marketing with review builder. If you don’t have a website, we got you covered with our secure mobile site builder.

Beacon Tech Opportunity

Enter Beacon Technology in the message, so that we know it is specific to our beacon marketing platform.






Proximity marketing and beacon technology use location technologies. They are actually not the same thing but they can compliment each other. NFC can only work outdoors. Beacons are more popular in indoor settings.